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Conical AFM Tip space

Conical-tipped AFM Probes
Aspire probes feature truly symmetric cone-shaped tips. more info >


Exposed Tip AFM Probes
ACCESS 'tip view' probes permit easy & accurate tip-to-sample positioning. more info >


Super Sharp Carbon-tipped Probes
Solid carbon AFM tips feature a robust, conical tip with 3 nm radius. more info >

AFM Calibration Grids

AFM Calibration Grids
No alignment or positioning necessary! 100% Coverage. Available in 4 and 10 Ám square patterns. more info >

All-Diamond AFM Probes Diamond-coated, Conductive AFM Probes
A doped diamond coating provides a unique combination of unrivaled hardness and conductivity. more info >

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AFM probe sale

Powerful image processing software for your AFM or STM system:AFM & STM Image processing software
SPIP - the Scanning Probe Image Processor

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