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Static dissipative grounding workstation

Part #: 30010
Portable ESD-safe desktop mat More details...
Price: $110.00
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Static dissipative grounding workstation
Static dissipative grounding workstation
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Product Details
The tips of AFM probes are very sensitive to electro-static discharge (ESD) and are easily damaged unless handled in a static-free environment. Help protect your probes during handling by using this ESD-safe mat.
This desktop anti-static mat has a generous 24"x24"x.018" vinyl dissipative surface. It includes an adjustable wrist strap, alligator clip, and 8ft. and 10ft. light-weight grounding coil cords. The mat has two pockets and can be folded for convenient transportation. Surface resistivity: 106-109 ohms. Charge decay: .01sec


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