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Nanosurf Extended AFM Sample Kit

Part #: NS02141
AFM sample kit with 10 samples, tools, and manual More details...
Price: $1,300.00
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Nanosurf Extended AFM Sample Kit
Nanosurf Extended AFM Sample Kit
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Product Details
AFM Samples
The Nanosurf Extended AFM Sample Kit is the perfect solution for kick-starting AFM curriculum development and implementing an AFM instructional lab course. The kit includes 10 samples from various disciplines, along with sample handling tools. It is accompanied by an extensive manual that serves both as a support for curriculum development and as an in-class guide to each investigation. Designed for use with Nanosurf AFMs, the kit is also an ideal accompaniment to any AFM system.

Included samples:
Chip structure in Silicon, CD stamper, Nanotubes, Glass beads, Microstructure, Gold clusters, Skin cross section, PS/PMMA film, Aluminum foil, and Staphylococcus Aureus.

Each sample is designed to emphasize interesting features of the sample itself as well as to highlight diverse elements of the AFM. For each sample, the manual provides guidance and suggestions on how to best image it and how to identify significant features. The manual also provides detailed information on each sample, such as its origins, properties, and the relevance of studying it.
AFM Samples


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