Amine Coupling Sensor QSensors (QSX 341), Box of 5

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QSX 341

Inert packaging, limited shelf life

Box of 5 QSensors

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QSensor QSX 341 Amine Coupling

Immobilizing biomolecules in a functional manner on a sensor surface is a successful way of analyzing bio- molecular interactions.

Q-Sense Amine Coupling Sensor, QSX 341, enables covalent immobilization of biomolecules via their amino groups (-NH2) to a PEG coating activated with N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) (Figure 1). This allows for fast immobilization reactions with the non-reacted NHS groups easily washed off to expose the zero-back- ground PEG coating.

  • Delivered with NHS molecules bound
  • Fast and easy immobilization reactions
  • Any molecule of interest with free amine group Usage include antibody optimization, protein-protein interactions and probing of conformational changes
Sensor Specifications
Typically ships within 8 weeks
Surface Chemistry Poly (ethylene glycol) (PEG) 3 nm coating and functionalization with a density of 1014 NHS molecules/cm2.
Sensor Surface Glass (SiO2)
Binding The free NHS molecules on the sensor are replaced with a covalent linkage to the protein via its free amine groups.
Specificity The zero-background PEG coating eliminates non-specific binding.
Shelf Life Stable > 8 weeks from package date when stored in original vacuum-bag at -20 to -80 °C. Opened sensors should be stored in vacuum desiccator or in 100% nitrogen environment.
Usage Direct mounting into the instrument from the box without prior cleaning (possibly blow with N2 gas for dust removal). The sensors come with the appropriate blocking buffer to remove non-reacted NHS molecules.


Note: QSensors are developed and produced to provide you with stable, reliable and reproducible data. Full performance is ensured through extensive quality controls, and guaranteed for one-time use according to the recommendations.

More Information
QSensor Category Functionalized
Allow Set Quantities Yes

Inert packaging, limited shelf life

Box of 5 QSensors

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