His-tag Capturing Sensor QSensors (QSX 340), Box of 5

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QSX 340

Inert packaging, limited shelf life

Box of 5 QSensors

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QSense QSX 340 His-tag Capturing Sensor

Immobilizing molecules on a surface is a successful approach for label-free studies of biomolecular interactions. Q-Sense His-tag Capturing Sensor, QSX 340, enables immobilization of His-tagged recombinant proteins. The His-residues display a high-affinity for the Cu2+ ions on the sensor surface.

  • His-tagged molecule of interest
  • Maximum access to protein interaction site by controlled steric orientation
  • Surface regeneration possible
  • Usage include antibody optimization, protein-protein interactions and probing of conformational changes

Recombinant proteins are often synthesized with an N-terminal or C-terminal hexa-histidine tag (His-tag) to aid in purification from the cell lysate. The His-tag can be used as a convenient and robust way of immobilizing the protein of interest in an oriented and functional manner on a sensor surface.

Sensor Specifications
Typically ships within 8 weeks
Surface Chemistry Poly (ethylene glycol) (PEG) 3 nm coating and functionalization with a 1013 - 1014/cm2 density of Cu2+ ions.
Sensor Surface SiO2(glass)
Binding The Poly-histidine tag displays a high affinity towards M2+ ions such as Cu2+. The binding can be reversed by injection of EDTA or Imidazole.
Specificity The zero-background PEG coating eliminates non-specific binding.
Usage Direct mounting into the instrument from the box without prior cleaning.
Storage Stable > 8 weeks from package date when stored in original vacuum-bag at -20 to -80 °C. Opened sensors should be stored in vacuum desiccator or in 100% nitrogen environment.

Note: QSensors are developed and produced to provide you with stable, reliable and reproducible data. Full performance is ensured through extensive quality controls, and guaranteed for one-time use according to the recommendations.

More Information
QSensor Category Functionalized
Allow Set Quantities Yes

Inert packaging, limited shelf life

Box of 5 QSensors

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