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HR-MFM45 -(select options)

High Resolution, Magnetic AFM Probe

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ML1 (Thin, Co Alloy) HR-MFM45-ML1-5
ML3 (Standard, Co Alloy) HR-MFM45-ML3-5
ML1 (Thin, Co Alloy) HR-MFM45-ML1-15
ML3 (Standard, Co Alloy) HR-MFM45-ML3-15

Team Nanotec offers HR-MFM probes for magnetic force microscopy. Each tip is SEM inspected for quality (micrographs available upon request), and each chip is uniquely numbered. This model HR-MFM45 has a force constant of 0.7 N/m and a resonance frequency of 45 kHz. A stiffer cantilever is available on model HR-MFM75.

The hard magnetic coating is a Cobalt alloy available in 2 thicknesses. The standard ML3 coating results in a tip radius of < 40nm. The thin ML1 coating results in a tip radius of < 25nm. The full cone angle is < 10 deg. Soft magnetic samples may be influenced by the tip!

The backside of the cantilever is treated with an Al reflex coating to enhance the reflectivity of the laser beam and prevent light from interfering with the cantilever.

The sensor offers unique features:

  • high resolution cone-shaped tip
  • monolithic material
  • highly doped to dissipate static charge
  • chemically inert
  • high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity

Technical Data Typical Value
Force Constant 0.7 N/m
Resonance Frequency 45 kHz
Cantilever Length 225 µm
Cantilever Width 35 µm
Tip Style Conical
Tip Height > 9 µm
Magnetic Coating (tip side) Cobalt alloy
Reflex Coating (non-tip side) Aluminum

More Information
Spring Constant (Nominal) 0.7 N/m
Spring Constant $0.70
Frequency (Nominal) 45 kHz
Frequency $45.00
Allow Set Quantities Yes
Featured Yes

High Resolution, Magnetic AFM Probe

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