Team Nanotec HSC-225C3.0

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HSC-225C3.0-MC -(select options)

Hemispherical Cone-shaped Force Modulation Probe

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20 nm None HSC-20-225C3.0-MC-5
Al reflex HSC-20-225C3.0-MC-R-5
40 nm None HSC-40-225C3.0-MC-5
Al reflex HSC-40-225C3.0-MC-R-5
60 nm None HSC-60-225C3.0-MC-5
Al reflex HSC-60-225C3.0-MC-R-5
20 nm None HSC-20-225C3.0-MC-10


Al reflex HSC-20-225C3.0-MC-R-10
40 nm None HSC-40-225C3.0-MC-10
Al reflex HSC-40-225C3.0-MC-R-10
60 nm None HSC-60-225C3.0-MC-10
Al reflex HSC-60-225C3.0-MC-R-10

Team Nanotec HSC AFM probes feature a tungsten carbide, WC tip coating. Due to the hemispherical tip shape, the ideal application is material characterization by nanoindentation (e.g. bio-medical materials, polymers,..). 

HSC AFM probe tips can also be shipped with SEM images, contact us for pricing details. 

For improved laser reflectivity, HSC probes can be ordered with an aluminum coating ( R ) on the back side of the cantilever.

Technical Data Typical Value Additonal Info.
Force Constant 3.0 N/m
Resonance Freq. 75 kHz
Cantilever Length 225 µm Optional: SEM image provides exact measurement for each probe. Contact us for pricing details.
Cantilever Width 35 µm (± 5 µm)
Number of Cantilevers 1 per chip
Cantilever Material Silicon
Tip Style Hemispherical Cone Shaped
Chip Size
(industry standard)
3400 µm (L) x 1550 µm (W) x 320 µm (T)
Tip Height > 9 µm
Tip Radius
(3 Choices < 20, < 40, 
or < 60 nm)
< 20 nm Optional: SEM image provides exact measurement for each probe. Contact us for pricing details.
< 40 nm
< 60 nm
Full Cone Angle < 20°
Reflex Coating (optional) Aluminum (non-tip side)
Tip Coating Tungsten Carbide, WC
Tip Coating (optional) Metal Carbide, Au, Magnetic coating, and other metals. 
Please contact us for more information on pricing and quantity.

More Information
Spring Constant (Nominal) 3 N/m
Spring Constant $3.00
Frequency (Nominal) 75 kHz
Frequency $75.00
Allow Set Quantities Yes
Featured Yes

Hemispherical Cone-shaped Force Modulation Probe

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