Team Nanotec LRCH-15

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LRCH-15 -(select options)

Large Radius Hemispherical Contact Mode Probe

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Typical Radius


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250 None LRCH-15-250-5

Al reflex LRCH-15-250-R-5
500 None LRCH-15-500-5
Al reflex LRCH-15-500-R-5
750 None LRCH-15-750-5
Al reflex LRCH-15-750-R-5

250 None LRCH-15-250-10


Al reflex LRCH-15-250-R-10
500 None LRCH-15-500-10
Al reflex LRCH-15-500-R-10
750 None LRCH-15-750-10
Al reflex LRCH-15-750-R-10

Due to the defined hemispherical tip shape, another ideal application for LRCH probes is material characterization by nanoindentation (bio-medical materials).

For improved laser reflectivity, LRCH probes can be ordered with an aluminum coating ( R ) on the back side of the cantilever.

*An SEM image is supplied for each probe. The SEM image ("tif" file) provides the measured radius of the tip apex. Measured cantilever dimensions are also provided in a separate data sheet for each probe.

Technical Data Typical Value Additional Info
Force Constant ~ 0.2 N/m  
Frequency ~ 15 kHz  
Cantilever Length 450 µm Exact measurements provided with each probe.
Cantilever Width 35 µm (± 5 µm)
Number of Cantilevers 1 per chip
Cantilever Material Silicon
Chip Size
(industry standard)
3400 µm (L) x 1550 µm (W) x 320 µm (T)
Tip Style Large Radius Hemispherical Tip
Tip Height > 9 µm
Tip Radius
(Choice of 250nm, 500nm, or 750 nm)
250 nm ± 100 nm 
(SEM image provides exact measurement for each probe)
500 nm ± 150 nm 
(SEM image provides exact measurement for each probe)
750 nm ± 150 nm 
(SEM image provides exact measurement for each probe)
Full Cone Angle 45°
Reflex Coating (optional) Aluminum (non-tip side)
Tip Coating (optional) Metal Carbide, Au, Magnetic coating, and other metals. 
Please contact us for more information on pricing and quantity.
More Information
Spring Constant (Nominal) 0.2 N/m
Spring Constant $0.20
Frequency (Nominal) 15 kHz
Frequency $15.00
Allow Set Quantities Yes
Featured Yes

Large Radius Hemispherical Contact Mode Probe

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