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Nanosensors AFM Probes Now Available!
Announcing the availability of
Nanosensors AFM probes
Aspire Conical AFM Probes
Aspire probes feature a symmetric
conical tip at an attractive price


Welcome to the new Nanoscience Instruments webstore!

Popular products
  1. Aspire CT300
    Aspire CT300

    Conical Tapping Mode AFM Probe

  2. Aspire CT170
    Aspire CT170

    Conical Tapping Mode AFM Probe

  3. Aspire CCS
    Aspire CCS

    Conical Contact Mode Short Cantilever

  4. Nanosensors PPP-NCH
    Nanosensors PPP-NCH

    Standard Tapping Mode AFM Probe

  5. Nanosensors qp-BioAC
    Nanosensors qp-BioAC

    Uniform Quality SPM Probe for non-contact/tapping/contact mode

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