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Nanosensors AFM Probes Now Available!
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Aspire Conical AFM Probes
Aspire probes feature a symmetric
conical tip at an attractive price


Popular products
  1. Aspire CT300
    Aspire CT300

    Conical Tapping Mode AFM Probe

  2. Nanosensors PPP-NCH
    Nanosensors PPP-NCH

    Standard Tapping Mode AFM Probe

  3. Nanosensors PtSi-CONT
    Nanosensors PtSi-CONT

    Electrical, Contact Mode AFM Probes

  4. Team Nanotec SS-ISC45
    Team Nanotec SS-ISC45

    Super Sharp Improved Super Cone Contact Mode Probe

  5. Pt/lr STM tip wire
    Pt/lr STM tip wire

    Ideal for STM imaging

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