Silicon Oxycarbide QSensors (QSX 329), Box of 5

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QSX 329

Box of 5 QSensors

  • Number of BoxesPrice per Box of 5 QSensors
    1 - 4$785.00
    5 - 9 $667.25
    10+ $549.50

QSensor QSX 329 Silicon Oxycarbide

QSensors are developed and produced to provide you with stable, reliable and reproducible data. Full performance is ensured through extensive quality controls and guaranteed for one-time use according to the recommendations.


Sensor Specifications
Typically ships within 8 weeks
Part Number QSX 329
Top coating material Silicon Oxycarbide


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More Information
QSensor Category Metals
Allow Set Quantities Yes

Box of 5 QSensors

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