Grade 316 Stainless Steel QSensors (QSX 304), Box of 5

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QSX 304

Box of 5 QSensors

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QSensor QSX 304 Grade US 316 Stainless steel

QSensors are developed and produced to provide you with stable, reliable and reproducible data. Full performance is ensured through extensive quality controls and guaranteed for one-time use according to the recommendations.


Sensor Specifications
Typically ships within < 1 week
Part Number QSX 304
Top coating material Stainless Steel (US Grade 316)
Surface roughness < 1 nm RMS
Maximum temperature 60 °C
Pre-cleaning of sensor A new sensor might be contaminated with hydrocarbons and dust. Pre-cleaning the surface will give more reproducible QCM-D results.
Protocol For light cleaning, step 1-3 and 7 below can be used.
  1. Immerse the sensor surfaces in 1% Hellmanex II (see for 30 minutes at room temperature. The surface can be kept in the solution for 12 hours.
  2. Rinse with milliQ water.
  3. Dry with nitrogen gas.
  4. Sonicate in 99% ethanol for 10 minutes.
  5. Rinse with milliQ water.
  6. Dry with nitrogen gas.
  7. UV/ozone treat for 10 minutes.
Usage QSensors are intended for one-time use only.
Storage Store in a cool, dry place out of light.
Shelf life Stable at least 18 months from package date in unopened package, see expiry date on package.
Chemical compatibility Do not expose to strong acids. There is no guarantee that the coating will be stable under all experimental conditions.


More Information
QSensor Category Metals
Allow Set Quantities Yes

Box of 5 QSensors

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